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    Engineered Energy Solutions

    A global provider and leader in the field of Power Quality, offering unparalleled turn-key correction and protection of plant & equipment.

    Our Power Quality Systems are custom engineered, installed and commissioned with a 3 year automatic warranty, as well as fully maintained by our expert technical teams.

    We focus on 5 major parameters of power simultaneously:

    1. Voltage
    2. Current
    3. Power factor
    4. Harmonics
    5. Surge & Transient

    In doing so, we reduce expenditure in multiple categories of operations, such as:

    • motor rewind & replacement
    • IT problems and associated costs
    • automated systems trips
    • Quality control losses
    • Labor costs
    • Actual KW/KWH
    • Co-Gen maintenance and operations costs
    • replacement parts
    • service fees
    • and many more…

    ESP-Systems takes a comprehensive approach to Power Quality. Our equipment is designed to monitor all aspects of a facility’s load behavior using an advanced micro-processor and then to correct the detected anomalies, accordingly.

    ESP-Systems also eliminates the need for multiple technologies, because our system already provides:

    • Power Factor Correction
    • Voltage Balance
    • Harmonic Mitigation
    • Current Balancing
    • Surge Suppression

    All in one system. Thus, we can substantially reduce capital expenditure, which might otherwise be spent on these corrections individually, anyway, but at a much higher monetary cost.

    These corrections will reduce the energy required to run the same or more load by typicaly, 6% to 12% in virtually any 3-phase facility in the world.

    The original goal of this technology was not necessarily to reduce energy, but to correct the numerous anomalies being generated by the world’s ever increasing levels of automation. KW/KWH reduction is simply a byproduct of the true nature of the system. However, due to the inherent reduction of KW/KWH, we use this to calculate our GUARANTEED ROI.The real intrinsic value of the system though, is it’s far reaching operations cost benefit.

    Some companies solve Power Quality issues and some companies save energy. ESP does both, while saving rather than spending our customers’ money.

    Contact us at one of our offices in North America or around the world to find out why over 2000 systems are working effectively in facilities worldwide.

    Twenty-one years and over 2,000 installed!

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