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    ~ ESP-Systems, (ESP) a division of Energy Solution Plus LLC, is 
    an Electrical Engineering company, headquartered in Columbia, MD.                                             
    ~ Our goal is to provide our commercial, industrial & government 
    customers, with environmentally conscious, engineering products &
    services,  as well as trainings and certifications, with primary 
    focus on power distribution systems and operations efficiency.
    ~ Our custom engineered and constructed equipment was initially 
    developed many years ago in order to alleviate the numerous and 
    growing problems associated with industrial automation, such as 
    the increased use of electronic circuit boards, which generate 
    harmonics. There are many anomalies and many causes. 
    ~ Although thousands of systems are conditioning the power for 
    corporate, industrial and government facilities throughout the 
    world,  in terms of sheer scale,  we have barely scratched the 
    surface. There are millions of facilities that need our systems 
    in order to reduce energy and operations costs.
    ~ ESP was founded with many decades of power quality, facility
    management,  engineering, maintenance & operations, expertise.   
    ~ We are supported by a group of partnering companies who share
    various abilities and provide all manner of a facility's needs, 
    from initial construction phase, to the eventual operation and 
    maintenance of it.
    ~ Focused engineering, can provide required energy reductions, 
    which everyone needs to achieve, while at the same time, saving
    rather than wasting our customers money. This can be done quite 
    well if proper application of corrective measures are performed 
    simultaneously....that is what we do.                              
    ~ ESP provides this technology to all commercial, industrial and 
    government facilities regardless of size or location, as well as
    guaranteed ROIs of typically 6% to 12% and 2.5 to 3.5 years. 
    ~ Our Representatives are located in over 30 offices worldwide, 
    in order to serve the engineering needs of our clients. Please 
    visit our contact page for an office near you.                       

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