Initial Analysis:


  • — The first steps —

    ~ Energy Solutions Plus, LLC (ESP) requires several items 
    prior to the actual physical measurement of the facility's 
    power distribution system,  in order to ensure accuracy in 
    1.  Mechanical Risers and/or power distribution Line Diagrams
    2.  Previous 12 months (actual copies) electric bills 
    3.  Copy of the rate structure for that facility

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On-Site Power Distribution Audit:



    — The process in more detail —

    ~ The initial physical measurement & analysis is for the purpose 
    of identifying anomalies, & modeling the general characteristics 
    of the electrical loads & distributions in a facility. From this 
    information, both the impedance (Z factor) of the system and the 
    X/R ratio are determined.                     
    ~ X being the reactance of the system and R being the resistance 
    of the system.  From that, we are able to point out the areas in 
    your plant where energy is being wasted and equipment destroyed.                                                                                                                                                           
    ~ This process requires a fully certified electrician to measure 
    at the main entry transformer(s), Bussbars or Switchgear.                                                                                                                                                                                              
    ~ If mechanical risers are not available,  then arrangements can 
    be made to obtain this information another way.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
    ~ If the power distribution diagram is also not available then a 
    generated diagram can be provided.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

     —  For an accurate report of savings & ROI, the following

          criteria/data are required —


    1. Plant operations must be equal to or greater than 70% of 
       normal operation at the time measurements are taken.
    2. Access to the main secondary transformer is preferred for 
       ease of access and to obtain the KVA & primary/secondary 
       voltage rating, impedance, configuration & other data.
    3. Copies of the last 12-months electric bills. The monthly 
       total charge is not sufficient. The engineering analysis 
       we perform,  incorporates the actual KWH consumed,  the 
       energy charge, KWD, KWD charges, and any discounts.
    4. If Power Factor Correction Capacitors are installed,  we 
       require a list of where they're installed, the type, and 
       the sizes in KVAR.
    5. Number and total of transformers on each electric bill.
    6. Is power metered on primary side or secondary side.
    7. Site plan of electrical system, if available.
    8. Hours of Operation;  This referes to the calculation for 
       the adjusted hours of continuous normal operation of the
       electrical load, reflecting % in operation, in terms of 
       hours per week, per location.

      — The following are not required, but are helpful in the process —

    1. Explanations of any unscheduled operating changes for the 
       past year from normal yearly cycle/operations.
    2. Details of any future changes to normal plant operations, 
       such as, expansion, product changes, cutbacks, etc.
    3. List of known problems in the electrical system, such as 
       surges, harmonics, unusual breakdowns & failures of all 
       types of equipment or machinery, etc.
    4. The estimated % of DC load related to normal total load.
    5. Notification of variable frequency drives & SCR controls.

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